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Relocational Astrology

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Sunday 19 JUNE 2022
11.00 am AWST
online with ZOOM

The ability to achieve the best of our planetary energies and our soul's journey can be easily realized using relocation astrology, even if you don't leave your home! In this session, we will give a quick overview of astromaps for the big picture, but also how you can use planetary energies using planetary orbital lines in your immediate environment, as well as how to use relocation astrology remotely when you can't travel.

Cindy McKeen

Cindy was born with a love for adventure and the sciences. She pursued a medical career and practiced as a physician in several countries. Always open to the realms beyond horizons, her experiences in other countries and cultures have broadened her metaphysical knowledge and deepened her understanding of the esoteric realm. While living on her Pluto line, her whole life changed. She launched a full-time esoteric business and soon after was invited to present astrology on TV, newspapers, national magazines, radio and podcasts. She now works as a full-time esoteric practitioner. Relocation astrology is a passion of hers, a go-to tool she always uses when deciding on major moves for herself and her family. Contact Cindy www.TheAuracles.com or email theauracles@gmail.com.

Rolf Tumis

Rolf from PragMASTRO was born in Germany and since the young age of 4 he enjoyed experimenting with fire and unscrewing and opening any device he could get his hands on, including some of his father's watches (no he wasn't happy about it :D ). In his early teens Rolf's passion to research how "things" worked made him use most of his savings to build his own chemistry lab at home and play with that for thousands of hours. While in 2010 he started playing around with sun-sign-astrology, it was a harsh break-up in 2013 that drove him to obsessively study and research charts of any meaningful starting date, ever since. Three years ago he started applying astrology successfully to companies, stocks and cryptos. In the end of last year at the age of 33 he was able to quit his job, move to Cyprus and retire. After doing free astrology readings weekly for over 3 years he recently felt absolutely ready to start an astrology company called PragMASTRO. pragmastro@gmail.com.

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