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Consulting an astrologer

What to expect from your astrological consultation

The FAAWA is aware of many misconceptions from the general community about exactly what to expect from an astrology consultation. Of course each visit can be quite different according to the approach and expertise of the individual astrologer, and the interaction of the client. So, we would like to clarify three points:

  • What you should expect from a quality astrological consultation?
  • How to find a qualified astrologer ?
  • What are astrology qualifications ?

When considering an astrological consultation there are many issues to consider, so how do you chose if you don’t already know of a good astrologer? Some things to consider are:

  • Have you spoken to someone who can recommend the astrologer?
  • Does the astrologer have a recognised astrology qualification?
  • How long is the consultation?
  • How much does it cost?
  • Will you receive a tape or written record of the consultation?
  • Can you contact them afterwards to clarify any uncertain points?
  • Where will they conduct the consultation?
  • What is a qualified astrologer ?

There are a variety of astrology schools in Australia which teach a structured astrology curriculum and test their students to ensure a flow of consistent and high quality of astrology practitioners into the community.

Astrologers who choose to attend a Federation of Australian Astrologers Inc (FAA) affiliated school, and successfully complete around 3 to 4 years rigorous training and examination process attain the FAA Practitioner's Certificate, and are entitled to use the letters QA (FAA) after their name in all advertising.

When entering the FAA exam system all astrologers are bound by a Code of Ethics and are committed to raising the professional image and standard of astrology in Australia.

The FAA national body has an Exam Board, which has developed a comprehensive examination system to ensure the continuing development of fully qualified practicing astrologers who aim for excellence in their profession.

Directory of qualified astrologers in WA

The following astrologers, listed in alphabetical order, have achieved at least the QA (FAA) in Western Australia:

JENNY COAD FAA Diploma of Astrology [Dip Astro (FAA)],
South Perth 0427 080 430 jenny@jennycoad.com.au

MARGIE CROCKER Dip AGE Intl APA (FAA) Grad Dip Psychotherapy BEd
Bayswater 0421 413 660 margiecrocker@westnet.com.au www.constellationsastrology.com.au

Gingin WA 0428 335 279
Natal, Relationships, Children, Horary

MELANIE DUFTY FAA Diploma of Astrology [Dip Astro (FAA)],
w: melaniedufty.com  
e: melanie@melaniedufty.com

FAA Diploma of Astrology [Dip Astro (FAA])
Diploma in Business
Courses & Consultations
Kalgoorlie WA 6430
M: 0448 181 781

Riverton 0459 096 959 jlewis33@bigpond.com

LYNETTE MALONE FAA Diploma of Astrology [Dip Astro (FAA)]
Doris Greaves Silver Medal award for Natal Chart Interpretation
B.A. (Dip.Ed) High School English teacher
Victoria Park. 0431 896 115.   lynettemalone@optusnet.com.au - lynettemalone@risinglightastrology.com

MARIA T REGINATO Diploma of Astrology AGE Australia and Horary Practitioner STA London, Bachelor of Visual Arts and Diploma of Teaching
Mob 0418 858 826  starsigns@mariatastrology.com.au  mariatastrology.com.au
Facebook and Instagram: mariatastrology

STEFANIE SCHROEDER FAA Diploma of Astrology [Dip Astro (FAA)]
Astrology Courses & Consultations
Victoria Park WA 6100 
M: 0415 124 644

FAA = Qualified Astrologer
A minimum period of three years part-time study is required to reach the standard necessary to gain the Diploma of Astrology (FAA) which entitles the Astrologer to put Dip Astro (FAA) after their name.

AAT = Accredited Astrology Teacher
To gain an AAT, one must hold a QA, and have put at least eight students successfully through the Calculation and Interpretation assessments, or the Basic Certificate examination. In those cases where two people are teaching in partnership, both must hold a QA, and eight students from the partnership must successfully complete the Calculation and Interpretation assessments, or the Basic Certificate.

APA = Member of Australasian Professional Astrologers Assoc
The astrologer must hold a QA to be accepted as a member of the APA and can put QA (APA) after their name, which also requires a commitment to ongoing professional development, and adherence to the Professional Code of Behaviour.

More information on FAA Qualifications.

If you have achieved FAA accreditation and would like to be listed here, please contact us.


Directory of practicing astrologers in WA

Not all astrologers have, or wish to, achieve FAA accreditation. The following astrologers, listed in alphabetical order, have been practicing professionals for many years and are recommended by the FAAWA at a professional standard:

Karmic Astrology
rick@zealcreation.com.au - www.rickboyd.com.au

Centaurean Astrology
zanestein@zanestein.com - https://zanestein.com/CentaureanAstrology.htm

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