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Mapping eclipses in our lives

FAAWA Events: Mapping eclipses in our lives

Sunday 18 April 2021

2.30 - 4.30 pm
3 Kent St, Victoria Park
Contact Lynette 0431896115 or lynettemalone@optusnet.com.au
Cost $10

A get together over afternoon tea where we map the effects of eclipses both solar and lunar, on our individual charts and major events in the world.


Eclipses have long been seen as heralds of major change in the world. In days of yore a solar eclipse could herald the downfall of a King. And not much has changed. Donald Trump had a significant eclipse bear down upon his own birth chart at the time of his defeat in the elections.

  • Since ancient times, eclipses have been known as the harbingers of fate, and fortune in our lives.
  • They affect each of us personally at those times when they sit upon personal planets and major configurations in our chart.
  • Sometimes the change they bring is immediate and obvious, mirrored in outer events in our lives.
  • Or change appears more subtle, in ways of viewing oneself or the world. And yet in retrospect those subtle changes have moved like an underwater tsunami, changing the trajectory of our lives forever.
  • And whether through a loss, gain or challenge, an eclipse on our birth chart always drives us towards our intended deeper purpose for being here.

Discuss charts and eclipses through your own astrological lens (evolutionary, psychological, spiritual, Hellenistic etc.) Or listen to different astrologers giving their perspectives.

  • Suitable for new astrologers through to professionals
  • We will begin with a 10-minute talk on the eclipses and then open it up to group discussion led by a facilitator.
  • Send us your chart details if you would like us to map the eclipses from your recent past and immediate future that impact your chart.
  • Bring along cake, bickies or dip for afternoon tea


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