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How to find a qualified astrology teacher
Many people decide to learn astrology out of curiosity.  Some choose it as a form of self development to better understand their own strengths and weaknesses.  Others want to use the knowledge to find direction in their life, or to help their friends and family through periods of challenge or excitement.  A few are called to live astrology as a dedicated lifestyle and profession.  Almost nobody chooses it for the money !

Anyone can teach astrology, however, choosing a qualified astrology teacher who has undergone an intensive, structured process ensures that the integrity of astrology is upheld and the student receives the best possible knowledge, support and understanding.

A minimum period of three years part-time study is required to reach the necessary standard to gain the FAA Practitioner’s Certificate, which entitles the Astrologer to put QA FAA after their name.  They are then eligible to apply for membership of the Association of Professional Astrologers Inc (APA) and can then put QA APA FAA after their name, which requires an ongoing commitment to professional development including counselling skills.

To achieve the Accredited Astrology Teacher (AAT) qualification, the Astrologer must hold a QA FAA and have put at least six students successfully through the Calculation and Interpretation assessments, or the Basic Certificate examination.  In those cases where two people are teaching in partnership, both must hold a QA and eight students from the partnership must successfully complete the Calculation and Interpretation assessments or the Basic Certificate.

When choosing an astrology teacher there are many issues to consider, such as:  
  •  Have you spoken to someone who can recommend the astrology teacher ?
  • Do you really understand what you want to achieve from your lessons ? 
  • Does the person teach from a recognised syllabus, with an accredited examination system ?
  • Does the teacher have a recognised astrology qualification ?
  • How long is the course ?
  • How much does it cost ? 
  • Will you receive manuals and reference material ?
  • How many students are in the classes ? 
  • Where will the lessons be conducted ?

The following astrologers, listed in alphabetical order, have achieved at least the QA (FAA) or equivalent and would welcome your contact to discuss the services they can provide:

Classes in the Hills Tuesdays and Fridays. Visit Constellations Astrology.
  • EDITH de BURGH Dip Astro (FAA)   Gingin  (08) 9655 3023
  • JEANNETTE LEWIS-HILL - Orion Academy of Astrology, Riverton (08) 9457 1790
  • MARGIE CROCKER QA APA FAA - Constellations Astrology School, Darlington (08) 9299 6644

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