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Exam System

FAA Inc Exam System

The FAA exam system is recognised world wide for its quality and any person in Western Australia can sit the FAA exams.

There are four modules to sit to gain a Diploma of Astrology through the FAA exam system:
Calculation Exam
Interpretation Exam
Dynamic Exam
Relationship and Specialist Techniques Exam (previously Advanced Techniques Exam)
2013 will see the introduction of changes to the Interpretation and Relationship and Specialist Techniques Exam. Please visit the FAA Website for further details if you are considering applying to sit the FAA Exam in 2013.

Click here for details of the FAA Examination timetable

There is a FREE Exam Book (25 pages) available to download free from the FAA website or you can purchase a copy in book form ($25 including postage) or on CD ROM ($10 including postage) from the Exam Board Director.

For enquiries on exam board matters you can contact the Exam Board Director: 

Tess Cullen
50A Cowper Street,
BYRON BAY   NSW   2481
Ph:   (02) 6680 7151
Mb:  0412 381 559

Em:  astrotess@hotmail.com
You can find further comprehensive information on the exam system on the FAA Inc website.


The the previously awarded FAA Practitioners Certificate has changed and is now known as the FAA Diploma of Astrology - Dip Astro (FAA) and the FAA Diploma will now become known as the Advanced Diploma of Astrology - Ad Dip Astro (FAA). 
All those who currently hold the FAA Prac Cert, also previously referred to as QA, can now use the post-nominal Dip Astro (FAA) and those with a FAA Diploma can now use Ad Dip Astro (FAA).  All current holders of the FAA Prac Cert and/or FAA Diploma are eligible for an updated certificate.   Please contact the Exam Board Director, <a title="\&quot;Tess" cullen="" email\"="" data-cke-saved-href="mailto:astrotess@hotmail.com" href="mailto:astrotess@hotmail.com">Tess Cullen, who will issue a new certificate at a cost of $20. 

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