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Astro Chats
FAA WA - Astro Chat evenings
Visitors and new members are always welcome

The FAA WA presents two Astro Chats each year. The evenings start with a friendly and relaxed social gathering for an hour from 6:30pm with BYO nibbles, then a speaker starts at 7:30pm on the elected topic with the opportunity for group discussion afterwards.

The FAA WA invites you to enjoy a spirited chat with other like-minded people, where we can all benefit from sharing knowledge. Even the most skilled astrologer can learn much from a simple question, answer or conversation, or indeed contribute to the body of astrological knowledge in Western Australia by passing on their wisdom for the next generation of astrologers.

In addition to Astro Chats, the FAA WA also organises two major Astro Day events each year with high quality speakers to develop the knowledge and skills of Western Australian astrologers, and raise the image and profile of astrology in the community. Visit the Astro Days section of this website for the latest news.

Where the opportunity arises we also offer special events during the year, such as bringing notable overseas, interstate or talented WA speakers to present workshops and seminars for members. Regularly check our Special Events section to stay informed of these excellent opportunities to learn from the very best.

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Sunday, 20 October at 2pm

Cycles of Change: The 9 Ages

Presented by Del Meredith

An ancient Chinese concept brought to life and applied to the unfolding evolution of society.

These cycles provide a framework to explain the timing of world events, new inventions, discoveries and changing social conditions through recurring 180 year periods of time.

This presentation will follow changes through each of the 9 Ages with particular focus on the family unit and the impact of change on their relationships and their standing in the community, rather than the broader picture of world events and their impact on society as a whole, which will be addressed in the forthcoming presentation at the Hobart Conference.


Venue: Jeannette's Studio, 53 Marjorie Ave, Willeton
Del can be contacted at fengshuidel@optusnet.com.au

Sunday, 24 March 2013 at 2pm

The Wicked Pack of Cards

This discussion will be hosted by Barbie Davidson,

The discussion will be around investigating astrological connections with the Tarot through history.

At Jeanette's Studio

53 Marjorie Avenue, Riverton
Shared snacks are welcome.
Entry: $5 for FAA members and $10 for non-FAA members.
Enquiries and RSVP: 9457 1790

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Astro Chats are generally held at:
Jeanette Lewis-Hill's studio, 53 Marjorie Avenue, Riverton WA
There is a $5 fee for members and $10 for non-members. [Thank you!]

Please give Jeannette a ring on 9457 1790, or email Jeannette if you wish to attend, so we can count numbers and be ready for you. Bring a friend, enjoy the evening!


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Wednesday 27 October 2010 - Margie Crocker  - Working with clients workshop
Margie Crocker presented a workshop to help us understand the process of working with our astrological clients.
Thursday 2 September 2010 - Linda Cull
We were blessed to have a guest speaker who has had remarkable spiritual experiences. Linda Cull is a mother of two boys and an artist whose introduction to Spirit began when she was 16.
In her own words: “When I was 16 years of age I literally heard my name being called from thin air. At the time it was an unnerving experience, however, now, in retrospect, it was a blessed event. A few months on I had my first out-of-body experience which is a very real sense of existing out of form or at a distance from form in a heightened state of awareness. I have gone on to have many out-of-body experiences which have resulted in my own emotional healing.”
By way of introduction, we looked briefly at Linda's chart and the influences around her 16th solar return, to see how her spiritual qualities appeared in the planets. Linda then took over with a discussion of her experiences and the rich levels of meaning which derive from them.
Linda says, "the kinds of experiences I have had range over twenty years which have grown in me a deep belief in eternal life, these include spontaneous out-of-body experiences – having vivid memories of rising from my sleeping body (many times), moving through wall, window, air and sky, lighting up walls as I move, visiting friends and places afar, being in out of space amongst celestial bodies, tunnel travel, seeing/ feeling divine lights, divine love and states of ecstasy, my life review, being with spirit beings imparting wisdom, seeing angels, experiencing past lives as holograms, visions of divine beings (divine mother), after-death communications, seeing other people’s light bodies and spontaneous painting, etc."
Thursday 29 April 2010 - Interstate speaker and author - Tracey Stranger
Prophecies on Astrology: Edgar Cayce interpretations and Mayan teachings
Tracey Stranger presented a talk on Edgar Cayce’s interpretations of the planets plus some of the Mayan astrology that relates to our current era of change. There was plenty of time for questions and discussion after the talk. Tracey has a background in Microbiology and also Hypnosis and Time Line Therapy, and she has recently published a book on stress relief. A night that brought illumination and understanding of our daily life today from more than the recent past.
Thursday 1 October 2009 - Kira Sutherland - Medical Astrology
Orion Academy of Astrology, Riverton
This was an extremely popular evening. One of our highest number of participants jammed into Jeanette's wonderful studio. Feedback was excellent and it was agreed by all that we would love to see Kira back again.
Tuesday 28 July 2009 - Gerald Burns 
Orion Academy of Astrology, Riverton
Thursday 12 March 2009 - Jeanette Lewis-Hill
Em: jecl@bigpond.com, Orion Academy of Astrology, Riverton
This was our most popular Astro Chat for some time with a very full house, as Jeannette presented some very topical mundane charts on the world economy, Obama, Kevin and a look at the recent bush-fires and floods. This was followed by a discussion about our personal economies – we looked at the dignified or afflicted 2nd and 8th houses of our own charts and took a look at our own financial situations.
Tuesday 14 October 2008 - Chiron with guest speaker Diana Flame 
Thursday 7 August 2008- The metaphysical (relationships of Tarot, crystals, new age with astrology)
Canning Vale
Tuesday 24 June 2008 - Doing things by the Moon
Orion Academy, Riverton
Wednesday 2 April 2008 - Relocation and Astro-Mapping
We were pleased to welcome old and new faces to our first Astro Chat for 2008 and, as usual, we were very well fed and watered. There was lively discussion on the positioning of planets when placing our natal charts on the global map, and the effects of moving to places affected by those planets. Each person was able to contribute their own experiences and relate to those of others as we discussed the process of astro-mapping.
Monday 22 October 2007 - Follow up session with Paul Westran
We were privileged to have renowned astrologer and author of When Stars Collide, Paul Westran, attend our Astro Chat to provide a follow up session from his excellent seminar presented in September. There was much discussion on his unique system of predicting the beginnings and endings of relationships with the use of synastry as discussed in his book.
Thursday 2 August 2007 - Angles in your natal chart
It was with great regret that it was necessary to cancel this Astro Chat.
Tuesday 19 June 2007 - Neptune dreaming
Shenton Park
This was a well attended, fun and informative evening with Donna leading the investigation into the meaning and influence of Neptune on our dreams and our charts.
Wednesday 28 February 2007 - Mercury and its transits through your chart
As expected this was a very chatty evening with participants gaining a greater understanding of how Mercury works in our chart by comparing experiences and enjoying the refreshments, company and stories around the room.
Tuesday 17 October 2006 - Dr Theja Hettiaratchi - Vedic Astrology
After a yummy supper, Dr Theja provided an excellent talk of the basics of Vedic astrology. For many, the surprising outcome of the lively discussions that ensued were the many similarities between Vedic and medieval/tradition astrology.
Monday 21 August 2006 - Part of Fortune
Thursday 22 June 2006 - Asteroids
Although we were a small group, the night was a great success with many stories shared to illustrate the power of the Asteroids in our charts. We were fortunate to have the very erudite Asteroid specialist Robyn Lee, to help us with interpretation and to provide some beautiful experiential cards, along with Barbie Davidson's creative collage representations of the Asteroids.
Tuesday 4 April 2006 - Uranus in your chart
Another successful evening of brisk astrological discussion.
Wednesday 22 February 2006 - The Ascendant and its ruler in your chart
The new year opened with lively discussion and a great turn-up of 12 members. It was wonderful to see our male members being well represented with five of the less fairer sex providing their input into the discussion on the Ascendant and its aspected planets.
Wednesday 26 October 2005 - Power of Pluto in your chart
Our last Astro Chat for 2005 held in Alison's beautiful home attracted a good number and it was great to see the reappearance of past members along with our regulars for an evening full of intense and very deep around the table discussion on the Power of Pluto in our charts. Barbie Davidson brought along an amazing poem which touched us all. Keep an eye out on the Articles section of this website where we hope to publish it once copyright issues have been resolved. Although Pluto can bring out the worst in people, we were fortunate to enjoy a feeling of safety and support within the group, with many secrets being revealed as we each explained how the placement of Pluto played out in our own lives relative to house and aspects. This was a very illuminating look at Pluto for many of us and gave us a deeper understanding of how we can use the beneficial transformative powers of Pluto to take affirmative action to dampen the destructive forces of this small but mighty powerful planet.
Tuesday 2 August 2005 - Sun in your chart
We were illuminated with a talk by Yogi Nipperiss about the astrological codes hidden in the bible. A very intriguing subject and delivered in great depth by Yogi.
Wednesday 20 June 2005 - Saturn in your chart
Saturn drew a good crowd to with 13 people in attendance for an evening of lively discussion. Penny brought along Michael Jackson's chart and we also had a look at Chappelle Corby's chart. Most people spoke about their own personal experiences with Saturn and the evening was considered a great success by all.
Tuesday 5 April 2005 - Eclipses in your chart
There was much lively discussion on the timing and effects of eclipses in our own charts and their effect on a mundane level. It was noted that the death of Pope Paul and his funeral will occur on the current Solar eclipse on 8 April at 19 degrees 04 minutes of Aries.
Wednesday 9 February 2005 - How to find the Moon and other planetary positions without an ephemeris
Penny Foster gave a fascinating talk on this subject which she had learned through internationally acclaimed Australian astrologer Bernadette Brady (now residing in the UK). This was a very illuminating evening.
Thursday 14 October 2004 - Venus in your chart
With a large statue of Venus overseeing proceedings and lovely smelling candles burning the group enjoyed good food and drink while expanding their knowledge of this quality conscious planet. Many stories confirmed the need for beauty, harmony and love through the individual placements of Venus in the charts of participants. Of course the projections of this energy onto partners was also discussed and by the end of the night many of us better understood how the "urge to merge" worked through the house placement of our own Venus.
Thursday 9 September 2004 - Jupiter in your chart
There was bright and lively exchange of knowledge and although the discussion often strayed from the topic, much fun was had by those in attendance. There were also some interesting revelations about how unfulfilled Sagittarian energy can manifest in a very negative way as opposed to the general perception of the optimistic, scholarly and fun loving Sag.
Monday 2 August 2004 - Launch of the FAA WA website
The topic was the electional chart of the launch of the FAA WA website, data: 2/8/04 at 7:32pm in Bicton WA 31S27 115E51 WST -8:00. In the launch chart Mercury sits exactly on the Descendant and opposes the Moon/Uranus conjunction across the Ascendant with Chiron filtering its spiritual and healing powers to the group from the 11th house through its opposition to Saturn in the 5th house and trine to Mercury in the 7th house.
Thursday 24 June 2004 - Moon and progressed Moon in your chart
This event attracted a record number of attendees with visitors from South Australia and the Astrological Society of WA (ASWA) joining us for a very lively discussion on this emotional topic. Strangely the discussion seemed to regularly return to the topic of death.
Wednesday 7 April 2004 - Retrograde planets in your chart
It was found that this subject is not fully understood by all and discussion centred around the personal experiences of those present to gain a better understanding as to how this energy can create a need to constantly re-do or revisit the issues represented by the retrograde planet and its placement in the chart. There were many flashes of illumination as the topic was discussed.
Tuesday 24 February 2004 - Mars in your chart
A complimentary report, by member Leena Mitraby, on this event was published in the March 2004 Mercury Messenger.

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